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In the universe of Atem, the human being (the dancer) melts and grows distant, beset by her fears, her inner tumults, her unsatisfied desires and emotions. Down, down to the obscure depths of the self. The dancer Hisako Horikawa trained in Japan in the original butô movement and will bring to this performance the maturity of her art. Extreme rigour, containment, intense expressiveness in the butô spirit: “being” body.

Ethics develop "through" the body, beyond the body, about which there is nothing static, for it is in a state of constant movement and transformation.

Dietlind Bertelsmann

Hisako Horikawa

Dancer and choreographer born in Niigata, Japan in 1955. She began to study improvised music in 1976 with Takehisa Kosugi, musical director of the Merce Cunningham Company, and the successor of John Cage, after which she studied vocal performance for 5 years.

From 1978 onwards, she studied dance with Min Tanaka and began a collaboration as a dancer which was to last over 20 years. Deeply involved in Tanaka’s “Maijuku” company, she was in 1978 a co-founder of the “Body Weather Laboratory”, of which she later became principal dancer and assistant choreographer. In 1983 she met Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of « Butô », who exerted a lasting influence on her. In 1985 she began to create dance solos. With the Min Tanaka Company, she moved to a mountainous region in central Japan and worked on research into dance in relation to the involvement of the body and movement in rural life and farm work. Since the 1980’s, she has danced with the “Maijuku” company in both Western and Eastern Europe.%@% In 1998, she began to dance independently, developing her own activities and returning to live in her home town In her personal projects, she works regularly in Holland, Spain, Italy, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Belgium, working with many musicians as well as with dancers, actors, and plastic artists … She has also worked in opera, principally in Holland and Japan (De Nederlandse Opera, with Jan Ritsema, and with the conductor Seiji Ozawa in Japan). En 2000 she was invited to teach at a Bulgarian university.

Among her most recent personal work, she has developed a series of outdoor performances in relation to the urban environment (projects carried out in several countries), as well as improvising and collaborating regularly with musicians, especially vocalists.