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Sound is conjoined with image, with movement, one can imagine it animated by the same breath. At the outset, I was thinking of the human voice, then I came to prefer a wind instrument, closer to matter, more abstract.

The composition of Dirk Descheenmaecker – of the Ictus ensemble – consists of a series of “immobile” musical states, a concatenation that opens up onto the dimension of the stage event.

This is no illustration or accompaniment, but an independent partnership, a contribution to the whole of a universe of expression, a presence beyond agitation, beyond errancy.

Dietlind Bertelsmann

Dirk Descheemaeker

Dirk Descheemaeker studied the clarinet at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels and graduated in 1984. Since then he has played in several ensembles such as Maximalist !, Julverne, Univers Zero, De Nieuwe Muziekgroep, Daniël Schell et Karo, Wim Mertens Ensemble and Ictus Ensemble, which he still plays for as an active member.