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The man – I imagined a fragile being, an ageless child – is interpreted by a dancer. Seemingly fragile, Carol Vanni (France) loves to take on places and materials that give her a hard time. Thus, she moves under moving matter, monumental matter, blown, dragged, adrift, spread out and burgeoning vastly, in which the human appears and struggles against a greater whole, save when she lets herself be drawn vertically upwards.

Dietlind Bertelsmann

Carol Vanni

Born in 1965 in La Seyne-sur-Mer.

Dancer and choreographer Carol Vanni has performed as a dancer in Paris for the Arcor dance company (Daniel Dobbles and Christine Gérard), the Santiago Sempere dance company, and the Triade dance company in Cotignac (Isabelle Mirova and Didier Tissot). She is working as Maïté Fossen’s assistant for La Mort d’Auguste at the Théâtre National de la Criée in Marseille.

She has choreographed many works, often in relation with visual arts and literature: she has worked with painter and comic strip artist Edmond Baudouin (solo for the opening of his exhibit at the Escale gallery in Paris, dance, drawing, cinema duos for the Graphic Arts Festival in Valencia, Spain, etc). She works with the writer Jean Benameur.

Writer Her texts are published in the magazines Hors Jeu (Epinal), L’Evidence (Paris), Le Paresseux (Angoulême), Le Cahier du Refuge (Centre International de Poésie, Marseille).

Chagrin d’Encre (with drawings by Edmond Baudouin) – Z’Editions, 1995. Embrun (with drawings by Edmond Baudouin) – Z’Editions, 1997.